Automation Studio

Everyone’s a hero with no-code automation development

Create automations through a GUI and configuration studio (triggers, conditions, custom automations). An easy point and click automation studio that doesn’t require any coding skills. Combines workflows and dataflows for triggers and complex decision logic to power the AI Assistant, curated content Playlist and other conversational AI.

Connect to hundreds of popular apps and services with pre built automation from Social27, Zapier and Microsoft Flow.


Attended or unattended automations, that can run with or without human involvement or triggering. You can develop, visualize and continuously improve the repetitive customer journeys. Test new automations, gauge results and update.

Use cases include updating and interacting with web-based and business applications, AI Assistant configuration, content recommendation engine, conversational intelligence etc.

CMOs plan to spend nearly 30% of their budgets on marketing technology

These have to be no-code solutions, with least dependence on IT

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Empower anyone across the organization to develop their own automated workflows

Reduce Repetition

Turn repetitive tasks into multistep automated workflows and give time back to employees

Quick Response

Automated workflows enable quickly responses and resolution of process requests

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