Social27 Deal Room

Reduce friction in the customer journey and close deals faster
Accelerate deal flows in your business by keeping track of the 5 “C’s” of every deal, in one location:






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Automation & Augmentation

Automate all the repetitive and time-consuming processes in the deal workflow:

An AI assistant sets up the Deal Room, invites the right contacts, adds the latest version of contracts, and the relevant task lists

Auto-fills all contract paperwork

Provides compliance notifications and documentation

Powered by Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Teams

Get more value for your investment in the Microsoft technology stack. The Social27 Deal Room is fully integrated inside Dynamics 365 and served via Microsoft Teams to take full advantage of all the collaboration and security features.


Analytics & intelligent insights

See when deals are completed, the average time to close deals, revenue gains, top performers, the rate of completed activities, etc.

Track progress against goals, identify best practices from top performers, and learn from the deals that didn’t close.

Automate, Collaborate, and Close Deals


Automate all the repetitive and time-consuming processes in the deal workflow


Chat, calls, contracts, all in one place for easy collaboration and compliance

Close Deals Fast:

Automation, auto-fill, and smart notifications keep the deal moving fast

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