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What Is A Virtual Product Launch?

A Virtual Product Launch is an event designed to raise awareness around a new product that you plan to release. Product Launches can be held to celebrate the product’s release and generate orders. They can also be held prior to the launch in order to announce the new product in order to start collecting pre-orders.

A Virtual Product Launch can help you generate buzz around a product. Often a member of company leadership will deliver a keynote speech on a livestream and provide the backstory, benefits, and pricing of the product. Interested customers, members of media, retailers, and more can learn about the product and its release. Product demos can also be provided in live streamed sessions, small or large breakout video meetings, or in virtual exhibitor booths.

Social27 Virtual Product Launch Features

Social27 Stream

Speakers can stream live sessions to virtual audiences through Social27 Stream. Attendees can request to join the session for an interactive dialogue. Moderators can also be appointed to help manage the stream.

Virtual Meetings

Attendees can join virtual meetings to network in small groups (Roundtables), or in larger groups (Boardrooms) to network, views a demo, or dive deeper into topics of interest.


Sponsors and Exhibitors can fill Playlists with curated content including videos, brochures, PDFs, and more. Playlists can also trigger a lead generation form to gather qualified leads.

Virtual Product Launch Use Cases


Vuforia Live was a half-day virtual event devoted to all things augmented reality, featuring sessions on the business value of Augmented Reality, spotlights on real-world Augmented Reality case studies, updates on PTC AR products, and a sneak peek into upcoming product launches and updates. They streamed informational sessions throughout the event day with many notable speakers.


Microsoft utilized the Networking Lounge and Roundtables to connect distributors and Microsoft partners for the latest device launches during their Microsoft LINC series. They made use of small group discussions to provide more intimate, small discussions on new products. This allowed partners and clients to ask questions, learn about Microsoft products, and to network with others to expand their business.

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