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What Is A Virtual University Open Day?

A University Open Day is an opportunity for universities or other educational institutions to provide interested or prospective students with valuable resources and information.

An Open Day can include an immersive virtual tour that will allow students who cannot visit in person to get a better feel for your campus. Students want to know where they will be spending their time, including the classrooms, library, dining hall, and dorms.

Virtual Open Days can also use virtual exhibition booths to allow students to visit booths dedicated to colleges within the university, program advisors, admissions representatives, and financial aid assistants. Some Virtual University Open Days also include networking chats or booths dedicated to student activities such as clubs, athletics, student government, or Greek life. These allow potential students to learn more about getting involved on campus and meet students with shared interests.

Virtual events can help you provide a more personalized experience to each attendee, which is perfect for education fairs as each prospective student has their own educational interests and goals to explore.

Social27 University Open Day Features

Virtual Meetings

Attendees can meet in small groups (Roundtables), or a larger group (Boardrooms) to dive deeper into topics of interest.

Booth Representatives

Sponsors and Exhibitors can assign booth representatives to interact one-on-one with attendees in Roundtables, Q&A sessions, and demos right from their microsite.

On Demand Sessions

On demand virtual sessions are pre-recorded sessions that are available to your attendees at any time. This makes it easy for attendees to fit event content into their busy schedules.

Recommendation & Prediction Engine

Social27 Recommendation & Prediction Engine leverages artificial intelligence and a proprietary machine learning algorithm to get to know your attendees’ Areas of Interests and content preferences and provide personalized recommendations to guide them towards relevant sponsors, sessions, and more.

Pre-Event Content

Make content available before the official start of your event. Provide 100-level content to prepare attendees for more in-depth event sessions, and allow attendees to start networking early to coordinate meetings for the event dates, and expose attendees to sponsored content to expedite the sales journey.

Networking Lounge

In the Networking Lounge, attendees can meet and engage with one another. And our Recommendation and Prediction Engine makes it easy for attendees with shared interests to find each other by surfacing the connections most relevant to them.

Virtual University Open Day Use Case


The University of Washington School of Medicine used Social27 Virtual Event Platform to host their Second Look event for admitted students. UW School of Medicine used their event to share informational content, highlight current faculty, and help students start to build a sense of community with one another before the school year started.

They also made use of Social27 Virtual Event Platform’s Recommendation and Prediction Engine to survey students on their Areas of Interest and direct students to content, sessions, booths, and peers that best fit their interests.

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