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What Is A Virtual Training Event?

Virtual training events provide attendees with professional development opportunities. These can either be internal events tailored to employees within your organization, or enrollment which can be opened up to professionals across the target industry. In many cases, participants are offered continuing education credits for participating in the event or specific sessions.

Internal training events can be used to train new hires, provide new product training to your staff, or as regular quarterly refreshers to ensure that all staff are following best practices and protocols.

External virtual training events may act as a form of lead generation. For example, a finance and accounting firm may lead an informational training on small business tax filings, and then follow-up with attendees to generate sales for their tax preparation services. Virtual training courses can also be a revenue source for your company, as many people are willing to pay to attend professional development courses and skills training events.

Social27 Virtual Training Event Features

Social27 Stream

Speakers can stream live sessions to virtual audiences through Social27 Stream. Attendees can request to join the session for an interactive dialogue. Moderators can also be appointed to help manage the stream.

Session Chats

Attendees can join virtual meetings to network in small groups (Roundtables), or in larger groups (Boardrooms) to network, views a demo, or dive deeper into topics of interest.

On Demand Sessions

On demand virtual sessions are pre-recorded sessions that are available to your attendees at any time. This makes it easy for attendees to fit event content into their busy schedules.

Virtual Training Event Use Cases


The Minnesota Certification Board hosted the 2021 Minnesota Peer Specialist Conference on Social27 Virtual Event Platform to provide professional development and training to Peer Specialists and Substance Abuse Counselors. They provided sessions and resources to help counselors stay up-to-date on relevant tools and requirements. Participants were also able to earn continuing education credits by attending sessions.


Meaningful training and development opportunities were offered at Heartland Dental’s Implant Continuum. Attendees had a plethora of opportunities to engage with educational event content and contribute to ongoing conversations with peers and partners. They also got to experience a live streamed dental implant surgery, which allowed them to actually see the procedure in action after learning about implants during informational sessions. This was a creative way to provide hands-on experience in a virtual format.

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