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Build communities and accelerate sales with greater reach, accessibility, flexibility, security, and insights than ever before

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Case Studies

See how our clients have successfully hosted virtual events, virtual conferences, virtual summits, virtual tradeshows, and more on Social27 Virtual Event Platform.

Virtual & Hybrid Event Content

As an event owner, you can create experiences that are personalized for your attendees, valuable for your sponsors and exhibitors, and intuitive for your speakers.

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Leverage the power of our Recommendation and Prediction Engine so attendees can connect with the people, sponsors, and sessions they care about most.

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Make it easy for speakers to deliver showstopping presentations and connect with attendees whether virtually or in-person.

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Sponsors & Exhibitors

Empower sponsors and exhibitors to create their own microsites to generate virtual leads and fill their in-person calendars.

Secure - Scalable - Compliant

We are committed to keeping your organization's and attendee's data safe.

You'll know that no matter where you attend a virtual event, your privacy and data security are protected.


And with WCAG AAA compliance, you can be sure that your event is accessible to each and every attendee.

Closed captioning, high color contrast, easy navigation, and more ensure every attendee has a great experience.

Virtual Event Networking Platform

Go beyond simple chat threads – dazzle attendees with new and entertaining ways to interact.

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Attendee Generated Content

Recording a Hello World! and Soapbox video allows users to introduce themselves to others at an event

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Intelligent Connections

Choosing Areas of Interest enables users see the content, sessions, and connections most relevant to them.

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Native Virtual Meetings

Network one-on-one with sponsors and peers via a Roundtable or Boardroom – right from within the platform via Zoom or Teams.

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Happy Hours

Participate in large, on-going Happy Hour group chats or specialized sessions with other attendees during an event.

Sponsor & Exhibitor Showcase

Generate qualified leads with event attendees by designing a one-of-a-kind Exhibitor Booth Microsite.

  • Fill microsites full of curated content
  • Respond to real-time chats with attendees
  • Assign booth representatives to hold Roundtables
  • Add informative resources for attendees to download
  • Allow attendees to Scan My Badge – just like at an in-person event
  • Fill your meeting schedule with qualified leads before the in-person event starts

All while receiving valuable, actionable insights into microsite interactions and clicks.

Recommendation and Prediction Engine

Once an attendee chooses their top Areas of Interest, our artificial intelligence (AI) powered Recommendation and Prediction Engine intelligently populates a custom, recommended agenda and surfaces the most compatible connections, sessions, sponsors and exhibitors.

And with the help of machine learning, attendees are delivered the types of content they prefer most – providing a hyper-personalized event experience unique to each of your attendees’ preferences.

Keeping them continuously engaged with event content and ready to make new connections with peers, sponsors, and exhibitors.

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