Virtual Event Sessions

The speakers you include are what draws audiences to your event and sessions are the way you educate, inspire, and motivate your attendees. And, with our AI-powered Recommendation and Prediction Engine, a Recommended Virtual Agenda will be populated for each attendee upon login to ensure they don’t miss the sessions most important to them.

Social27 Stream

Social27 Stream puts the power in the hands of your moderators, speakers, and attendees.

Speakers can join a backstage area for a tech check and have the moderator push them live when they're ready. Then, get private backstage backstage chats from the moderator(s) to ensure they can react to attendees in real-time.
Moderators can join speakers backstage and remain there off-camera via “observer mode” so they can moderate the session chat and moderated session chat while continuing to communicate with the speaker for an integrated session experience for attendees.
Attendees will interact with the session via reactions and session chats, but they can go further with moderated chats, downloading related content, and even raising their hand to join the session live and wait to be approved to join by the moderator.
Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Live and On Demand Sessions

Live virtual sessions create excitement for your attendees. Business and Enterprise users have access to Social27 Stream and our seasoned production team for an easy go-live experience.

On demand virtual sessions are pre-recorded sessions that are available to your attendees at any time. All sessions include:

Real Time Interactions

Session Chat

Moderated Chat


Raise Hand Feature

Downloadable Session Content

Session Roundtables and Boardrooms

Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Polls and Polling

Keep your attendees engaged with your event content by incorporating polls into your sessions or Exhibitor Booth Microsites.

Create a poll to break the ice, gauge attendees’ current knowledge or interests, solicit feedback or ideas, or simply ask a question – polls can spark interactive dialogue between your attendees, speakers, moderators, and even your booth representatives!

Plus, you’ll get instant insight into what attendees think or feel by viewing poll results in real time.

Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Moderated and Unmoderated Session Chat

Social27 Virtual Event Platform’s networking tools combine with our recommendation engine to give your speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees a personalized networking experience.

Moderated chat
Attendees can introduce themselves and find other attendees who share their areas of interest in the Networking Lounge.
Unmoderated chat
Attendees can meet in small groups (Roundtables), or a larger group (Boardrooms) to dive deeper into Areas of Interest.
Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Sponsor Content

Sponsors and exhibitors buy into events for three reasons:

Generate leads

Sell their products and services

Increase their brand awareness

Social27 Virtual Event Platform gives your sponsors and exhibitors flexibility to share a variety of content to ensure they can meet the individual preferences of your event attendees.

Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Sponsored Sessions

Sessions get the most eyes of any area of your virtual event – feature your sponsors and exhibitors around your virtual sessions.

Session Banners
Put a clickable sponsor banner across the top of a session stream or on demand session.
Interstitial Content
Include sponsor videos on your livestreams between sessions so attendees see the videos while they're waiting for the next session to start.
Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Sponsor Playlists

Playlists enable sponsors to share a given amount of content (depending on their sponsor level) in a variety of formats.

Here, they can share:




Case studies

And more

Our Recommendation and Prediction Engine shows attendees the content types they prefer first and a lead generation form can be triggered based on actions set by the sponsor or event owner.

Virtual Event Sessions and Content

User Generated Content

User generated content is a great way to get attendees involved, invested, and connected to your event and other attendees. Plus, our Recommendation and Prediction Engine surfaces the users most relevant to each attendee first.

Hello World! Videos are 30-second videos that attendees create as part of their profile – and are surfaced in the Networking Lounge.

Soapbox Videos are also 30-seconds and enable attendees to share key takeaways, hot takes, and kindle conversations with other attendees.

Virtual Event Sessions and Content