A turnkey in-person event platform for unforgettable events

Seamless check-in and secure content access control, personalized event experience with AI networking, resources at your fingertips and more.

Mobile App

Social27's mobile app provides a user-friendly solution to plan and manage your events, and boost audience engagement. Increase attendee engagement in the palm of their hands by connecting them to one another and event content.

Evolve attendees into participants
Give attendees the tools they need to succeed, contribute and interact with your event content through live chat, Q&A, Boardroom meetings, maps and more!
Network and boost your community
Connect with attendees throughout your event with push notifications, gamification, on-demand content, meeting scheduling and more.
Communicate quickly and easily
Provide live updates directly to your attendees at a moment's notice. Attendees can explore keynotes and resources within reach. You won't skip a beat! 
Create Seamless Event Experiences

Attendee Check-In

Eliminate the on-site complexities on the day of the event from check-in to on-demand badge printing. With real-time updates, planners can keep an eye on the registration and content metrics.

Improve your onsite check-in
Impress your attendees with a speedy approach to on-site registration and help reduce onsite staffing needs. With a QR code, attendees easily scan their virtual badge for a smooth check-in experience.
Badge Design Templates
Choose from our design templates to customize your badges based on event roles for better visibility and security purposes for your event.
Real-time data and reporting
Get full visibility into the performance of your event, and use those insights to make data-driven decisions. Our dashboard allows planners to check live check-ins, session activity and participant reports to understand where attendees are most engaged.
Provide a VIP Experience for Every Attendee

New Features

Interactive Maps
Lead Capture and Retrieval
Branded App

Empower engagement with In-Flight Meetings

Your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and employees want to meet like-minded individuals to foster connections. Allow them to set meetings on their personal calendar directly via the Attendee Directory. Your attendees can schedule the time and the place to meet their new connection face-to-face.

Provide a VIP Experience for Every Attendee

Sponsor Experience

One place to bring the full sponsor administration together. A central location where admins can manage and see all components of their event. Streamline communication between sponsor, attendees, and vendors while saving time by reducing back and forth emails.

Lead Retrieval with Scan Your Badge

Schedule Meetings

Location-based Beacon Notifications

Provide a VIP Experience for Every Attendee

Coming Soon

Virtual Reality