Social27 Networking Lounge

The Networking Lounge is the perfect place to meet and engage with other attendees. And our Recommendation and Prediction Engine makes it easy for attendees with shared interests to find each other by surfacing the connections most relevant to them and giving them many ways to connect.

Attendee Directory
Attendees can find new attendees who share their interests and connect, direct message, or start a Roundtable.
Hello World!
Let attendees’ personalities and interests shine by uploading and viewing 30-second videos introducing themselves.
When an attendee feels strongly about something, they can record a Soapbox video to spark a conversation with others.
Happy Hour
Attendees can join a specialized Happy Hour session or ongoing group chat during an event to connect with up-to 49 other users.
Points and Badges
Encourage attendees to engage with your event and each other. Further incentivize them by offering prizes or recognition to top earners.
Enable attendees to show off their earned Points and Badges and start conversations with friendly competitors on the event Leaderboard.


Want to meet face-to-face with a group of fellow attendees? Host a Roundtable!

With Roundtables, attendees can create their very own public, small-group video meetings with up to 5 other participants right from within the platform via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Social27 Meetup.

Want to make a private Roundtable? No problem, you can do that too.

The best part – anyone can schedule or start a Roundtable.

From sponsors and exhibitors hosting Roundtables on their microsites, to speakers meeting up with attendees after their sessions – Roundtables offer so many options for all user roles to connect and deepen professional relationships.

Social27 Virtual Events Builder


Looking to engage in a video meeting with more than 5 participants? Join a Boardroom!

Boardrooms enable attendees to join video meetings right from within the platform via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Social27 Meetup.

Boardrooms allow for up-to 15 users on Social27 MeetUp and up to 30 users on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

See a Boardroom on Social27 MeetUp that’s full? No worries, you can still join via “view only” to listen in and view presentations – so you don’t miss a thing.

Social27 Virtual Events Builder