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Social27 Virtual Event Platform Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Your attendees expect the data they share with us during your event to be protected. That’s why we rely on the leaders in security and privacy as well as best-in-class security practices to keep your event secure. We also follow worldwide data privacy policy directives to ensure our events meet global standards.

Social27 Compliance Certifications and Policies

Image of the following security and compliance certifications: ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, GDPR, PCI DSS 1.

Social27 Virtual Event Platform Security

You and your attendees only trust the best of the best to keep your event data and communications secure and compliant. That’s why we at Social27 go above and beyond industry standards to ensure we meet those expectations.

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Physical Security

Our platform is run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure whose robust controls secure the availability and security of their systems. Additionally, we at Social27 have our own security protocols that align with global industry standards.

 Yellow outlines of circles are connected by blue lines to form a network.

Network Security

Our dedicated, in-house security team and third-party penetration testers work together to ensure potential threats are mitigated with urgency. Plus, threat detection, vulnerability scanning, and DDoS mitigation protects against potential threats and breaches before they occur.

Blue ones and yellow zeros in a row to represent encrypted messages.


Data is encrypted in transit and at rest to ensure all communication with Social27 is secure and at rest data is protected using Customer keys or AWS keys stored in a secure location with identity-based access control and audit policies.

Blue outline of a phone with a yellow outlined check inside representing secure apps.

Application Security

Our Quality Assurance team reviews and tests our code on a per-pod basis while our security team has all the tools and resources needed to remediate vulnerabilities. We also provide regular syncs, security resources, and trainings to our teams.

Social27 People Security

Access controls and security best-practices are taken seriously at every level of our company from the platform itself to every employee we hire and train.

Blue and yellow outline of controls on a control panel.

Access Control

We utilize two-factor and identity-based authentication as well as a Least Privilege model to ensure users only have access to the data they need to access and nothing more.

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The Social27 Security Team

Our security team are certified professionals with nearly half a century of collective experience and stay up-to-date on new threat trends via continual training.

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The Social27 Team

Every employee and contractor at Social27 undergoes background checks, signs confidentiality agreements, and goes through security and privacy training at onboarding and throughout their employment.

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InfoSec Program

Our Information Security Program includes administrative, technical, and operational controls focused on the security and integrity of customer data and minimizing security risks through regular testing.

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