Social27 Events is a fully integrated app within the Microsoft Teams platform.

With Social27 Events, you can elevate your Microsoft Teams Webinar and Meetings by incorporating Attendee Networking and a Virtual Expo experience.


Enables your attendees to find and then connect with each other through a full attendee directory or through direct messaging. You can show off your personality and unique flair with a quick 30 sec Hello World video introducing yourself, as well as a Soapbox video, where you can show off your ideas and goals!

Browse the Attendee Directory
Give attendees the tools they need to succeed. Attendees can find new attendees who share their interests and connect, direct message.
Watch Hello World quick intro videos
Let attendees’ personalities and interests shine by uploading and viewing 30-second videos introducing themselves.
Connect and collaborate
Bring attendees together to network, share ideas, collaborate, and forge valuable connections.
Create Seamless Event Experiences

Virtual Expo Hall

A space where your partners , vendors or your employees can showcase their initiatives, products and services on a microsite. This is a convenient way to connect your attendees to exhibitors while attending virtual sessions, offering greater accessibility, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

Set up an Expo Hall with easy steps
Expo Hall is incredibly powerful and elevates Microsoft Teams Webinars and Meetings to new heights, while also being incredibly simple to configure.
Attendees can engage with the virtual booth content and ask questions
Attendees can interact with virtual booth content and get answers to their questions in real-time.
Smart analytics for better ROI
Maximize ROI with smart analytics in the backend. Monitor & track data, and make informed decisions. Get ahead of the competition!
Provide a VIP Experience for Every Attendee

Start for free, upgrade to a plan later.

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.


For teams looking to try something new?
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Virtual Expo
Self-guided support
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For teams that want to boost engagement and productivity
$27/mo. per Admin
Save $54
$270/yr. per Admin
Admin: 1-5
Everything from Starter
Unlimited webinars and meetings
Discounted annual rate ($270/year)
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For distributed teams & companies with 100+ employee?
Admin: 5+
Everything from Pro
Free and Paid tickets
Dedicated support
Analytics / Reporting
CRM integrations
Attendee mobile app
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Multi-day Events

Multiple day events with lots of additional functionality is available through the Social27 Events platform, please contact us for more details.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Social27 Events for Microsoft Teams

What is Social27 Events?

Social27 Events is a fully integrated app within the Microsoft Teams platform that offers attendee networking and virtual expo experiences for Microsoft Teams webinars and meetings.

How does Social27 Events enhance the Microsoft Teams Meetings and webinars?

Social27 Events enhances Microsoft Teams by providing attendee networking and a virtual expo experience, which adds an extra dimension to webinars and meetings.

Is there an additional cost for using the Social27 Events app inside Microsoft Teams?

Customers can start for free and as your event needs increase, please contact us at for a pricing package which is personalized for your exact needs.

How does the attendee networking feature work in Social27 Events?

The attendee networking feature in Social27 Events allows attendees to connect with each other through a full attendee directory or direct messaging and includes the option to create a "Hello World" or "Soapbox" quick 30 sec video, showcasing their personality and ideas.

How does the virtual expo feature work in Social27 Events?

The virtual expo feature provides a series of branded micro-sites for partners, vendors, or employees to showcase their initiatives, products, and services.

Is Social27 Events a standalone app or fully integrated into Microsoft Teams?

Social27 Events is fully integrated app available for the Microsoft Teams platform. Along with that it is also offers a standalone platform with extensive features and customers like Microsoft, United Nations, CapGemini and similar global organizations.

How easy is it to add Social27 Events to a Microsoft Teams meeting or webinar?

Adding Social27 Events to a Microsoft Teams meeting or webinar is simple:  
Step 1: Create a Microsoft Teams meeting or webinar.  
Step 2: Go to the Apps button, search for Social27 and add it to the meeting/webinar.  
Step 3: Click on the Setup tab and select Networking or Virtual Expo. Its as easy as that

Can Social27 Events be used for both small and large-scale events?

Yes, Social27 Events app for Microsoft Teams works best for webinars and meetings. For bigger multi-day hybrid events, please visit

What reporting options are available?

Users activity, Users logged in, Users not logged in, Booth Visits Summary, Visit Details, Booth Visits Trend, Playlist Dashboard, Booth Resource Downloads, Booth Resource Downloads by User, Booth Chat Summary, Sponsor Booth Public Chat Log, Booth Moderated QnA Chat Summary, Booth Moderated QnA Chat Details, Badge Scans, Sponsor Booth Staff Connection Log, Lead Generation Forms.

Is the data collected through Social27 Events secure?

Yes, Social27 Events has security, privacy, and compliance measures in place and follows global data privacy policies to ensure secure events. We continuously enhance the platform security measures to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems and customer data.

Do you offer any special pricing for non-profits or educational institutions?

Yes, we gladly offer special discounted pricing for non-profits and educational institutions. Please email us at!