Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Virtual event sessions and content are the backbone of any successful event.

Virtual Sessions
Virtual sessions are where your attendees get inspired, motivated, and learn from your expert event speakers. Draw your attendees in and strengthen your industry leadership.
Event Content
Event content is what keeps your attendees engaged with your event. Educate attendees on your organization and your event’s sponsors and exhibitors.
User Generated Event Content
User generated event content is how your attendees connect with other attendees, personally invest in the success of your event, and feel heard by your organization.
Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Virtual Event Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunity

Empower sponsors and exhibitors to generate qualified leads with virtual and in-person attendees by designing a microsite.

Event owners can set tiers that enable sponsors to:

Surface their clickable logo on the event home page

Surface their clickable banner over sponsored sessions

Sponsor Roundtables

Play pre-roll ads prior to sessions

Show up on relevant attendees' profile pages

Once attendees land on your sponsor’s microsites, they can capture their information, get valuable insights, book meetings, and more.

Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Virtual Networking Tools

Social27 Virtual Event Platform’s networking tools combine with our Recommendation Engine to give your speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees a personalized networking experience.

Micro videos
Attendees can introduce themselves and find other attendees who share their Areas of Interest in the Networking Lounge.
Virtual meetings
Attendees can meet in small groups (Roundtables), or a larger group (Boardrooms) to dive deeper into areas of interest.
Chat messaging
Even your most tech-shy attendees will feel confident interacting one-to-one, publicly in sessions, or in Happy Hour chats.
Virtual Event Sessions and Content

Social27 Virtual Events Builder

Social27 Virtual Events Builder puts the power in your hands, enabling you to:

Manage users

Upload content

Get rich insights

Create forms, surveys, and polls

Scale your sponsor and exhibitor offerings

And more!

Social27 Virtual Events Builder

Learn More About Personalized Attendee Journeys

Social27 Recommendation & Prediction Engine leverages artificial intelligence and our proprietary machine learning algorithm to get to know your attendees’ Areas of Interests and content preferences.