Virtual Event Sponsors and Exhibitors

Having the right sponsors and exhibitors at a virtual event can transform the event experience – they not only provide more value for attendees, but also help event owners reach a larger audience.

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Showcase Your Virtual Event Sponsors

Want to feature your top 6 sponsors? Your event homepage is perfect for that – right when an attendee logs in, they can see your virtual event’s top sponsors, plus our Recommendation and Prediction Engine surfaces the sponsors and exhibitors most relevant to your individual attendees right on their profile pages so they can easily visit their Exhibitor Booth Microsite and connect.

Virtual Exhibitor Booth Microsites

Virtual Exhibitor Booth Microsites allow sponsors and exhibitors to present information about their organization and their products and services on their own page – right from within the event platform.

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Assign expert virtual exhibitor booth representatives to interact one-on-one with attendees in topic-based Roundtables, Q&A sessions, or demos right from their microsite.

Blue outline of a virtual event sponsor playlist which shows a piece of video content indicated by a play button with three squares to its right indicating additional content options


Fill intelligent Playlists with curated content including videos, brochures, PDFs, and more to tell their organization's unique story and trigger a lead generation form to gather qualified leads.

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Add informative resources for attendees to download – want to add the newest information about your products and services? Add it to your resources

Blue outline of a virtual event badge with a scannable QR code and a stick figure profile picture

Scan my badge

Enable attendees to scan their badge to let sponsors know they’re interested in being contacted about their products and services – just like at an in-person event.

Sponsor Chats

On their microsites, sponsors and exhibitors can appoint booth representatives to respond to real-time chats with attendees right from within their microsite.

Sponsors can also privately interact with an interested attendee by selecting their attendee profile image.

From their profile, sponsors can chat or click the 'Connect' button to start a Roundtable with them at any time during the event.

Microsite Insights

Virtual Exhibitor Booth Microsite insights are found in the Sponsor Workplace Dashboard and give sponsors and exhibitors a deep understanding of their success with the event, what content works best, and who their most qualified leads are – something they can’t get at an in-person event.

  • When an attendee scans their badge
  • Engagement with content in your Playlist
  • How many times a resource was downloaded
  • Which attendees chatted with a booth representative
  • Average time spent on the microsite
  • Overall microsite visits
  • And much more

Social27 Virtual Event Platform gives your sponsors and exhibitors the insights they need to find the right customers for their products and services.

Sponsored Content and Recommendations

Recommend relevant sponsors and exhibitors to your individual attendees throughout their entire event experience with our Recommendation and Prediction Engine.

From the moment they login to the platform, to viewing and engaging with sponsored sessions, Happy Hours, their profile pages, and more – your attendees will have numerous, intuitive opportunities to learn about and connect with your sponsors and exhibitors.

Sponsored Sessions

Sponsored sessions are a great way for your sponsors to get noticed at your event.

Include sponsored images or videos to play while attendees wait for a session to start so you can feature your sponsors, their products and services in every corner of the event. You can even display a banner at the top of a sponsored session so that attendees know it was brought to them with the help of your sponsors.

Blue outline of desktop computer with two chat bubbles with stick figure people indicating a virtual conversation happening

Sponsored Happy Hours

Create sponsored Happy Hour chats and sessions where attendees can participate in discussions throughout the event.

Sponsors can invite expert speakers to talk about their products or services, create an open discussion for attendees to ask questions, or even bring attendees together to play games and win prizes – it’s up to you.

Blue outline of a group of folks laughing and enjoying a speaker outline in a chat bubble indicating a moderated, video chat

Microsite Roundtables and Boardrooms

Sponsored Roundtables and Boardrooms allow sponsor organizations to meet directly with attendees in a face-to-face setting.

Sponsors can use these meetings for demos, Q&A sessions, or even give information to recruit potential employees via Zoom or Microsoft Teams integration, or Social27 MeetUp.

Recommended Sponsors

After an attendee logs into the platform for the first time and chooses their Areas of Interest, they’ll be recommended sponsors and exhibitors’ that best meet their needs.

Attendees will see recommendations in their attendee profile, giving them ample opportunities to connect with the sponsors and exhibitors most relevant to them.

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