Take Charge of Your Virtual Event

Social27 Events Builder puts the power in your hands to edit your event, upload content, manage users, empower sponsors and exhibitors, and more.

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Social27 Events Builder

With Social27 Events Builder, you and your team can easily manage multiple events at once. Plus, by utilizing Social27 Sponsor Workspace, your sponsors are empowered to build their own Exhibitor Booth Microsites, giving you more time to focus on your event’s business priorities.

Events Builder for Event Owners

As an event owner, you and your team can leverage Social27 Events Builder to:

  • Bulk upload and manage users
  • Bulk upload and manage content
  • Create automated emails and broadcast notifications
  • Add page resources and opt-out of certain features
  • Manage Roundtables and Boardrooms
  • Customize Points and Badges
  • Get rich insights in real-time
  • And more

Events Builder for Sponsors

By empowering your sponsors and exhibitors with Social27 Sponsor Workspace, your sponsors and exhibitors can:

  • Build their Exhibitor Booth Microsites from the ground up
  • Create their dynamic microsite Playlists
  • Get insight into interactions and engagement on their microsite
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