Give Attendees a
Personalized Event Journey

Customize your attendees’ event experiences to their unique interests and tastes with our Recommendation & Prediction Engine.

See it in Action

Social27 Recommendation & Prediction Engine

How it works:

Selecting Areas of Interest

Upon entering your event, attendees will select their Areas of Interest representing the various potential paths available at your event

Recommended Agenda

A Recommended Agenda is populated that attendees can further customize by adding and removing sessions, Roundtables, and Boardrooms

Relevant Sponsors

On each attendee’s profile page, they can be surfaced clickable logos of the sponsor microsites that most align with their interests

Curated Networking Lounge

Relevant connections are populated at every section of the Networking Lounge and Roundtables page

Attendee Directory

Attendees who share similar interests, job titles, industries, etc., are surfaced first

Hello World! & Soapbox

Attendee micro-videos are surfaced and filtered based on shared Areas of Interest

Roundtables & Boardrooms

Public Roundtables and Boardrooms held by relevant sponsors and attendees show first

Intelligent Playlists

As attendees interact with your event, our engine creates a taste profile for each attendee that ensures Playlists surface the content they want to see most

Learn More About Personalized Attendee Journeys

Social27 Recommendation & Prediction Engine leverages artificial intelligence and our proprietary machine learning algorithm to get to know your attendees’ Areas of Interests and content preferences.

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