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What Is A Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events bring together the benefits of virtual and in-person events. Attendees can choose to attend fully virtually or participate in the event in-person, while also having access to the virtual event site.

Hybrid events allow companies to leverage the benefits of virtual events while still providing attendees with the option to engage in-person. Virtual components can be used to engage attendees before and after the event, for more meaningful long-term engagement.

Virtual options for attendance provide greater reach and accessibility. Many companies have identified hybrid events as a solution for engaging international audiences and distributed workforces.

Social27 Hybrid Event Features

Pre-Event Content

Make content available before the official start of your event. Provide 100-level content to prepare attendees for more in-depth event sessions and allow attendees to get a head start on networking.

Session Chats

Give attendees the power to introduce themselves, ask questions, or share ideas throughout event sessions with session chats. A moderator may also be assigned to provide support to attendees in session chats.

Social27 Stream

Speakers can stream live sessions to virtual audiences through Social27 Stream. Attendees can request to join the session for an interactive dialogue. Moderators can be appointed to help manage the stream.

Hybrid Event Use Cases


Roblox held their RDC2021 event as a hybrid event with Social27 Virtual Event Platform. They created a way for both live and virtual attendees to engage simultaneously without interrupting the live session. Roblox also streamed their in-person sessions live to virtual attendees and experienced incredibly high chat engagement throughout the sessions and event.


The United Nations (UN) held their TTF Policy Dialogue Forum in a hybrid format. The 13th Policy Dialogue Forum of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 (TTF) held their event in-person in Kigali, Rwanda and online for those that could not travel to attend. The event featured discussion on Innovation in teacher policy and practices for educational recovery.

Professional Association

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) held their annual Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) in a virtual format on Social27 Virtual Event Platform last year. For their latest GAC event, they opted for a hybrid model to engage in-person audiences while still making use of the amazing virtual content and networking features offered on the platform. Many companies are following this pattern of shifting to hybrid events instead of returning to fully in-person events after experiencing the benefits of virtual event features.

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