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What Is A Virtual Conference?

A virtual conference provides all of the traditional benefits of a conference, in a more flexible and accessible format. They feature keynotes, panels, networking opportunities, product demonstrations, and other educational content that can span over multiple days.

Virtual conferences also provide lead generation and generate brand awareness for organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors. For attendees, they provide opportunities to network with others in the industry and learn from respected thought leaders.

Social27 Virtual Virtual Conference Features

Exhibitor Booth Microsites

Sponsors and exhibitors can build their Exhibitor Booth Microsites from the ground up, create dynamic content Playlists, and access real-time data-driven insights on microsite interactions and engagement.


Use gamification to encourage attendees to engage with your event and each other. Social27’s Points and Badges feature allows attendees to earn Points or Badges to be displayed on their event profile.

Networking Lounge

In the Networking Lounge, attendees can meet and engage with one another through Happy Hour chats, video sessions (Roundtables), and micro-videos (Hello World!).

Virtual Conference Use Cases


Providing optimal care to patients is a team effort. There is a lot of work that goes into healthcare, from manufacturing healthcare devices and pharmaceuticals, to providing direct patient care. Healthcare conferences provide the perfect venue to bring everyone together to discuss important healthcare issues, patient care strategies, and learn about new developments in medicine, treatment options, and health technology. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) held their 2020 Learn Serve Lead conference on Social27 Virtual Event Platform to bring a diverse group of medical professionals, educators, and researchers together to learn from one another, find common ground, and build organizational capacity.

Virtual conferences also allow doctors and healthcare providers more time with their patients. Speakers, sponsors and attendees in healthcare can join from their homes or offices instead of traveling across the country. This is important as many dentists, doctors, and specialty healthcare providers try to make themselves available for emergency appointments for their patients. If something comes up during a virtual conference, they can respond to the patient’s needs and then catch-up on what they missed with on-demand viewing.


Seequent, a pioneer in geoscience technology solutions, hosted their Lyceum Conference on Social27 Virtual Event Platform to reach industry professionals all across the globe.

Seequent’s Lyceum Conference was a 5-day virtual conference created to bring together multi-disciplinary geo-professionals across the civil infrastructure, mining and exploration, environmental, and energy sectors to collaborate, share and learn new ideas about industry challenges and solutions.

Seequent reimagined and repurposed their sponsor and exhibitor booths at Lyceum Conference to be “Solution Zones.” Solution Zones were a way for Seequent to drive attendees to look at their products or features, while helping them stay on the virtual event platform. This was a great way for Seequent to expose their products to existing or new customers and generate awareness for new software and technology advancements.

Professional Associations

Many professional associations hold annual conferences to bring their members together to learn and network. While regional associations may be able to get everyone together in-person, it’s not always practical for national associations. A virtual conference is the perfect solution to this problem. Hosting a virtual conference allows everyone to join and ensures that they all get an equally amazing experience, rather than leaving the event planning to local chapters.

The Association of Talent Development (ATD) hosted their 5-day 2020 Virtual Conference on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. The virtual conference was focused on education in order to help association members learn and grow in their careers. The ATD conference highlighted one of the largest benefits of virtual conferences: on demand content. On demand content allows attendees to watch event content on their own schedule or revisit event content that they viewed live.

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