What is a Virtual Summit?

Virtual summits bring together expert speakers to share educational content, discuss current issues in their field, and work together towards solutions to industry challenges.

Virtual summits are similar to virtual conferences, but summits are typically more focused on a specific topic.

Through working with high-quality summit speakers and sponsors, your company can gain credibility, expand your reach, and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Social27 Virtual Summit Platform Features

Virtual Summit
Social27 Stream
Speakers can stream live sessions to virtual audiences through Social27 Stream. Attendees can request to join the session for an interactive dialogue. Moderators can also be appointed to help manage the stream.
Virtual Summit
Virtual Meetings
Attendees can join virtual meetings to network in small groups (Roundtables), or in larger groups (Boardrooms) to network, views a demo, or dive deeper into topics of interest.
Virtual Summit
User-Generated Micro Videos
Give attendees options to create short videos to introduce themselves, share ideas, and find other attendees who share their interests for further networking.

Virtual Summit Industry Use Cases


The Vision Council held their annual Executive Summit on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. The Executive Summit was a 3-day virtual summit created to connect and inform members of the Vision Council association and other attendees about the trends and challenges of the vision care industry.

The Vision Council Executive Summit was very collaborative and networking-focused.

Virtual summits are ideal for bringing healthcare providers and professionals together for a meaningful exchange of knowledge and ideas around patient care, technology, and advancements in medical research and treatment options.



Tableau held their Virtual IT Summit on Social27 Virtual Event Platform to bring together information technology (IT) professionals and experts for learning and networking. They also made use of on-demand video playback to allow people to view keynotes and sessions after the event ending for even greater reach.


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