What Is a Virtual Trade Show?

Trade shows are industry-focused events that typically feature a large number of exhibitor booths showcasing products or services related to the industry. Just like large, in-person conferences, virtual trade shows are centered around visiting booths and making valuable connections.

Team-building activities and events help your team stay connected - even if they are geographically dispersed. Team building has been found to boost employee engagement, improve collaboration, and build communication skills.

Social27 Virtual Trade Show Features

Virtual Trade Show
Exhibitor Booth Microsites
Sponsors and exhibitors can build their Exhibitor Booth Microsites from the ground up, create dynamic content Playlists, and access real-time data-driven insights on microsite interactions and engagement.
Virtual Trade Show
Scan My Badge
The Scan My Badge feature attendees to scan their badge at booths to let sponsors know they’re interested in being contacted with more information on their products and services.
Virtual Trade Show
Booth Representatives
Sponsors and Exhibitors can assign booth representatives to interact one-on-one with attendees in Roundtables, Q&A sessions, and demos right from their Exhibitor Booth Microsite.

Virtual Trade Show Use Case


Dominion Energy held their Innovation Expo 2021 event on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. They held informational sessions, keynote sessions, and ended the trade show with an awards ceremony. They also encouraged attendees to explore the virtual Expo hall throughout the day to visit Exhibitor Booth Microsites to engage with event sponsors.


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