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What Is A Virtual Workshop?

Workshops, also commonly referred to as webinars or masterclasses, are the perfect way to reach potential customers and create a marketing funnel. Workshops and webinars are great because they can easily be adapted to different purposes, audiences, goals, and revenue streams. They are relatively inexpensive to host, fairly brief, and provide minimal barriers to entry for companies and event planners. If you’re new to the virtual event space, this is a great place to start.

Workshops can be streamed live to encourage attendee interaction and give the hosts the opportunity to answer questions in real-time. Hosts generally present information on a specific topic, product, or service over an online conferencing platform, giving attendees the ability to chime in and ask questions verbally or in the chat. Many event organizers also host workshop series to provide multiple short skill-building virtual events.

Virtual workshops can also be recorded and made available as on demand content. This allows you to create a collection of evergreen resources that can be watched by potential customers at any time. You can also sell recorded informational evergreen webinars on an ongoing basis to consumers or use them as gated content to capture leads/emails in exchange for on demand viewing.

Social27 Virtual Workshop Features

Attendee Directory

Attendees can search the Attendee Directory to find other users who share their same interests, job titles, and more. From the directory, attendees can connect, direct message, or start a Roundtable.

On Demand Sessions

On demand virtual sessions are pre-recorded sessions that are available to your attendees at any time. This makes it easy for attendees to fit event content into their busy schedules.

Networking Lounge

In the Networking Lounge, attendees can meet and engage with one another through Happy Hour chats, video sessions (Roundtables), and micro-videos (Hello World!).

Virtual Workshop Use Cases


SugarCRM Sales Kick Off was a 4-day event hosted by SugarCRM on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. The objective was to bring employees from the sales team together to get them excited and informed about new brand messaging and company updates. The event made use of Social27’s gamification features including Points and Badges and the Leaderboard to boost engagement throughout the event.


International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) hosted their Quarterly. Partner Briefing on Social27 Virtual Event Platform. At the Quarterly Partner Briefing, attendees were able to connect directly with Microsoft leaders, experts, and the world’s largest community of Microsoft partners all in one place.

Sponsors and exhibitors can build their Exhibitor Booth Microsites from the ground up, create dynamic content Playlists, and access real-time data-driven insights on microsite interactions and engagement. Microsoft partners learned more about how they could best utilize the latest technology and innovations to enhance their teams’ skills, their own skills, and grow their businesses.


Tableau uses Social27 Virtual Event Platform to host their Quarterly Sales Kick Off events. These are recurring quarterly meetings for their sales team that help their team align their goals, learn about new products, and collaborate on sales initiatives. They use the same event site each time for ease of use and swap out design elements and refresh their content to keep the site up to date. This event site acts as a resource for their sales team, and the meetings help their team stay aligned on sales strategies and product information.

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